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tv   News  ABC  April 15, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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fort canaveral police officer is out of a job. he is accused of bringing targets that resembled trayvon martin out to a gun range. the city's police chief says sergeant ron king was leading target practice with two other officers and a civilian when he pulled out targets and asked if they wanted to use them. the group said no telling king to put them back in his car. he is out of a job this morning. workers helping clean up new york city parks damaged by super storm sandy say that they won't work anymore until they get paid. this group of workers had been clearing out downed trees from city parks and say they haven't been paid for their labor in weeks. so the work has stopped. one man was promised good pay when he came to help and now he is close to losing his home. >> it's been rough. i mean, i been eating ramen
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noodles and living from hotel to hotel every night. >> he says the original contract for the cleanup was subcontracted out to several companies. but the latest subcontractor disappeared. there is good news in all this. the original contractor is now stepping up and offering to pay the workers. a dog that was neglected for years is now putting the past behind him and finding a new purposech the dog mow vats -- motivates his new owner he's undergoes cancer treatment. zero was taken from a home where he and 40 other animals were allegedly abused or neglected. he came to the family in pretty bad shape. >> he was covered with fleas and ticks and his teeth were poor as well because all he ever had to chew on were rocks. you know he was attached to the doghouse for at least 7 years they thought. >> zero is the perfect
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companion for a 10-year-old who lost his leg to cancer and zero helps him on days when it's not easy to get up and get moving. he goes to the hospital with him sometimes for treatment. there's someplaces in history, in world history that are sacrate and ann frank's house is one of them. that's why so many people are wondering what is up with justin bieber and what was he thinking after the dop remark leaving ann frank's house. dumb remark leave ann frank's house. and today you have to file your taxes but if you haven't done it, you don't have to stair at -- be stare at that form. we are working with you to tell you what other options are out there. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, deadline day for filing taxes. they need to be postmarked or electronically sent by midnight. if not you will need an extension. taxpayers in massachusetts have until tomorrow because today is the state holiday. now there is some relief for taxpayers. sin bon is offering two sin
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bites for free the. potatoe fries and great americancookies is offering free cookies and office depot offering limited printing and shedding. ford is developing a new transmission that could be instored by 2016 and it's expected to meet new fuel standards and carbon dioxide emissions. and 42 is the best opening for a baseball movie. jackie rob ison pick brought in 27 million dollars over the weekend. that's america's-- robinson brought in more than 27 million dollars over the weekend. that's america's money.
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justin bieber is taking heat over something he wrote in a guest book after a tour of the ann frank house in amsterdam. he he hopes the holocaust victim would have been a believer. one of his devoted fans that's what they are called. visitors to the facebook paining were upset by the comments and called him self- serving and an idiot and full of himself. a spokeswoman says that they think he meant well. and wolverine is in the
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news. we are talking about actor hugh jackman. he got more than a workout that he bargained for. a would was arrested for allegedly chasing him through a gym with an electric razor. i would be nervous too. that's crazy a witness told officers the woman took the razor and followed him for an extended period of time. she fled the scene but was arrest and was charged withstalking. that would have me running. >> that's a understatement. >> that's scary as you head out this morning don't forget the rain gear and raincoat whatever you need to keep dry because we see light showers across the area this morning. things starting to taper off a bit. but we will pick it up more as we go later into the morning also the afternoon because you can see the batch of rain down to the south in verge right now. all this is moving up towards the north towards us so. we will start to see some more rain showers in the forecast as the kid head out to school,
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have the umbrella in the backpack because when they come home from school they could need it again. temperatures at 65 and it is going to be breezy as we go into the afternoon. right now, we are looking at the winds out of the east. with that we will be chillier but 7 right now-mile-an-hour sustained wind. easton at 5 and dc and 3 in york. in the afternoon it will pick up at 5 to 10 miles per hour. gusts up to 20 miles per hour into the afternoon. let's check the abc 2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. welcome back. >> thank you. >> reporter: if you are traveling in anne arundel county, we have a crash on baltimore annapolis boulevard near lakefront drive. 97 in the area nice and clear. as well as 95. right now you are looking at 12- minute ride from elk ring to counsel town -- elk ridge to downtown baltimore. looking at 695, the west side in great shape this morning.
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no delays on inner loop to pikesville and outer loop is call down-- calm down to route 40. here's a live look at the harrisburg expressway. nice and clear from the jfx to downtown. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. 20 minutes away from 6 right now. a pants's kid is behind the wheel of a car. are they safer when their friends are in the car with them or alone? we will tell you about a new study and what it reveals. we want the best deal on a cell phone and others are willing to shell out more for bells and whistel but when you hear how much this cost you may drop your coffee. why so much? we will tell you when we come back.
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consumer alert. today as you know is tax day. hope any you know it is. april 15th. but what if you are already by midnight you are going to be sprinting to the post office and it's not going so well. you have options to consider. here's abc's richard davies to let you know what you can could. he has tax advice for you this morning. >> what if you wake up on april 15th and realize you aren't
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even close to being ready to file your taxes? you simply need more time. well, no need to panic. most taxpayers can get a 6 month extension if they ask for one. it will push the deadline out to october 15th. but you need to do it now. log onto and search for form 4868. if you think you're owed a refund or breaking eve, getting an -- even, getting an extension is is as easy as filling out theform. you will get a confirmation numbers and you don't need a hard copy. if you are uncomfortable maneuvering through the web do it the old school way. complete and return a paper version. there will be an address provide on the form and meet the april 15th deadline bhaw. happens if you-- deadline. but what happens if you owe money this is an extension of the time to file your return not an extension of the time to pay. you will need to figure out an estimate and send that payment
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with your extension or interest late fierce fees or penalties. it's easy to pay using debit or credit card or through e-file. richard davies, abc news, new york. and keep in mind if you are asked for an extension form from the irs you will probably have to file a separate one with the home state as well. advice because it can be such a headache. identity theft is a big business and according to the justice department, it is pretty bad. the number of malicious programs written to steal your information has grown to 130 million today. and that's about 1 million back -- 1 million back in 2007. a single credit card number goes tore 10 to 50 dollars and no limited american express can sell for hundreds of dollars. most successful identity thieves learned it's more lucrative to hack into businesses where they can steal card unless by the thousands or -- numbers by the thousands or millions. five things to know as you
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head out on this monday morning. john kerry is wrapping up his trip to asia. in light of the north korea's promise to continue the nuclear program. kerry says the country must honor commitment that it made. in the meantime, many trips to the-- [audio not understandable] the attorney general plans to unveil social media safety and privacy campaign today as the national harbor in pg county. it's to educate teens and parents about safety and using media. pull out your resume congressman elijah cummings is hosting the annual john fair today. it runs from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon on division street in baltimore. along with dozens of recruiters and employers, you will be able to take part in job search
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workshops. a great day for more than 600 oriole fans and business community leaders because they can have a lunch with the bird. fans at the luncheon will get to welcome back the manager and coaches and players and get autographs as well. today is jackie robinson day and today baseball teams and management will honor the legendary hall of famer by wearing the number 42 today. on this day back 23419-- back in 1947 he was the first african american to play a make league-- major league baseball game breaking the color barrier in his sport which was segregated for more than 50 years. spending of baseball, we will talk about-- speaking of baseball, we will talk about the orioles. they are off before beginning a home series against the rays. they are coming off a tough loss in the bronx and couldn't seem to get a run on the board while playing the yankees. the birds were shut out 3-0. a big blow was a 2-run homer off
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the bat. the o's are 6-6 so far for this season. it's early in the season. and instead of taking the kids out to the ball game adam jones will be taking the kid to the movies. this is a great idea because today adam johns will host more than 100 kids and coaches to providing baseball to inner city lesion at the screening of 42. the rbi program encourages kids between 13 and 18 to stay in school and play baseball. a great mess heage and it sounds like today might be a-- message. and it sounds like today might be a good day to see. >> i want to see the movie. >> let's go. >> that sounds like a plan. kicking off the rays orioles 67 degrees it look like a good day. but going more into the game time we have the potential for showers in the forecast. be prepared for that. other than that, things look pretty good. this morning, though, maryland's most powerful radar picking up on rain showers
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across the area. things are dying down a bit. but if you are around baltimore you are running into light showers. south baltimore brooklyn park arundel mills and hills also dealing with some wet weather this morning. arbutus and around dundalk north point edgemere and sparrows point has light rain showers. it's heavier around starky corner hayden and hope and row. dealing with rain showers this morning. and look at around bull rock. conquest beach and beck's landing little neck farms dealing with wet weather. as you step out, take eat easy on the roadways . it's going to be slick out there. big story this week, we are going to stay unsettled for the most part. we are waiting for the cold front to approaching as we head into tomorrow. but then what happens is it's going stall out. what that stalled out front we will be unsettled going through the next several days. this morning, temperatures are in the low 50s. we are above average.
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and that trend will stick around through the week. temperatures will bump up more. abc2's most accurate future trend shows a few hit or miss showers going through the next couple days. but we start to boost the temperatures up. today, 65. that's a couple degrees above average. 53 above average temperatures by tonight. mostly cloudy and 71 degrees. this is what i want to show you heading into tomorrow. we will have the showers available possible and we keep the 70s around as we head right through friday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a rany start and if you are traveling in anne arundel county, watch out for a crash on baltimore annapolis boulevard near lakefront drive. 97 nice and clear. looking at a normal 17 minute ride from route 50 up to the 895 purr. ssh-- spur. and conditions are nice and calm on 695. this is a live look you won't have problems across the key bridge and it will remain in great shape from parkville up
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to towson. now if you are use 95 to get downtown, this is 395, no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel and despite all the construction on 895, the harbor tunnel is nice and clear. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you meg ab. new this morning -- megan. new this morning, young drivers are getting the message distracted driving can be deadly but drivers ages 16 to 21 put themselves at a far higher risk when driving alone. they don't mind having to turn off cell phones while driving but the solo trips without peer pressure or parent presence is when they get more tempted to drive and get distracted. 95% say they have talked on the cell phones while driving and many say they posted messages to facebook and twitter and read e-mails and have texted even taken pictures and watched videowhen driving by themselves. f cancer you probably said worst about the dissee that
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interrupts our lives. but one oklahoma man is getting a lot of attention and it's because of his license plate and it reads just that f cancer. nick williams is 32 and has brain cancer. his license plate on his car is what has -- is one of his inspirations. >> the f is fight some people look at it as a different word but i am fighting brain cancer and had it for about 2 1/2 years now. >> after riding around with f cancer for two years people think it's the other f word so he got a letter from the tax commission they want him to change it. he plans on explaining his situation and he hopes to keep it. you can get a new iphone 5 for as little as 200 dollars with a contractor up to 850 for the top model on apple's website. but listen to this. a hong kong businessman may own the most expensive smart phone. it's nice.
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it is the black diamond iphone 5. the phone has a diamond andgolden crusted handset including a 26 carat black diamond and has 600 flawless white diamond solid gold dressing and an ael logo made up of 53 diamond estimated at 15 million dollars. sounds like a waste of money. i would rather have something i could wear like a 26 carat diamond in your phone is lame. heros come in all shapes andsizes. but coming up, we will tell you about a teenage boy who didn't think he acted and we will tell you why a family is so grateful he was so quick to jump into action. why the actions are being praised this morning. i love these shoes.
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but when they start hurting, i have to take them off. until i found dr. scholl's for her. they support and cushion my feet all day. this is happiness - happy feet. so, i've got energy and style all day. dr. scholl's for her . for heels and flats. i'm a believer.
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meet alex who is 16 and called a hero this morning. you are not going to believe what he did. his family had hiked the falls at yosemite when he heard a woman screaming for help as her 9-year-old boy was floating down the rapid. by the time alex took his next breath he jumped over the
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railing to save the boy. >> when i reached him, he reached me and looked up with the craziest look like please help me and i held out the same time he grabbed my hand and it was just he didn't say anything he grabbed the hand and pulled him out. >> the boy is lucky he was there because three people died last year after being swept away by the river rapids. and going over a 370 foot drop. a 7-year-old is being called a hero this morning. coming up on good morning maryland at 6, we will tell you how this young boy quick thinking helped saving his friend after an allergic reaction in the lunchroom. and spring is here. time for baseball and barbeque and here in maryland lacrosse. we will take you to a game where there was no shortage of security. see life in the best light.
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